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Best Rooftops in Williamsburg with Views

At the first sight of spring, there really is no better way to enjoy the warmer weather with a cold beer in hand, outside on a rooftop with a couple of friends! Hey, after months and months of dealing with the cold, the slushy sidewalks […]

The One Product You Need to Get Naturally Glowing Skin

The One Product You Need to Get Naturally Glowing Skin

Over the past few months, I’ve been watching quite a few Youtube Vloggers (it’s part of my job!) and admiring how flawless these vloggers look. I admit I did buy a contouring kit and a concealer because I wanted to look flawless like them– but I […]

Poke Bowl Recipe

Poke Bowl Recipe

Poke bowl shops are popping up left and right, so when I saw a stand at Smorgasburg selling poke last summer, I was excited to try it… but when I saw these local kids serve cut up pieces of tuna with less than great seasoning and seaweed salad and throw it on a bed of rice which they were dispensing out of big ziploc bags and call it poke … needless to say I was a little disappointed by my first “poke” experience!

Ever since then, even though I would be intrigued every time I passed by a poke bowl store, a part of me could never get myself in the store..

So when one day I saw Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. selling this delicious looking tuna, I thought to myself, can I make just my own poke!?


Turns out not only is it a big YES, it’s surprisingly really easy and delicious to make your own bowl. The biggest part of it, honestly is actually going out to buy the fish!

Be sure to pin or bookmark this recipe for when you are ready to try!

While there is no definitive way of making poke, I adapted the below recipe from here and here (in Japanese)

Easy Poke Bowl Recipe

Her goes my recipe:

Poke Bowl with Avocado

prep time: 10 minutes

ready in: 15-30 minutes

serves 2


  1. 3 tablespoons soy sauce
  2. 2 tablespoons mirin
  3. 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  4. 1/2 pound sushi-grade ahi tuna, cubed to about 3/4 inch in size
  5. 1 avocado
  6. 2-3 cilantro cut into 1-2 inch pieces
  7. optional: 1/8 thinly sliced red onion
  8. optional: thinly cut dry seaweed (kizami-nori)


  1. 1 serving of cooked rice mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of rice vinegar


1. Whisk the soy sauce, mirin and sesame oil and add the cubed tuna and red onion. Set aside in the fridge for 15-30 minutes (this is basically it, yep!)

2. While the tuna is marinating, cube the avocado. When ready, serve the rice in a bowl and place the tuna mixture on top. Top off with avocado*, cilantro, and dry seaweed.

easy poke bowl recipe

*I kept the avocado separate from the mixing sauce for aesthetic purposes but you can totally mix it in with the sauce for more flavor.

You may have never heard of mirin but mirin is an essential condiment used in Japanese cuisine. According to Wiki, it is a type of rice wine similar to sake, but with a lower alcohol content and higher sugar content. You can find it at a Japanese or almost any Asian store!

And that’s it! Even my boyfriend approved. next time I’m at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster, I would love to try with salmon, one of my favorite fish!

poke bowl recipe


Share your thoughts on this recipe in the comments below!

A Weekend Guide to Catskills, NY: Bachelorette Edition

A Weekend Guide to Catskills, NY: Bachelorette Edition

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Top 3 Outdoor Brunch Spots in Greenpoint You Do Not Want to Miss

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A Weekend Guide to Aguadilla, PR

A Weekend Guide to Aguadilla, PR

Back in January, my friends, the boyfriend, and I took a quick 3-night trip to Aguadilla in Puerto Rico to get away from the hustle & bustle of the city.

We didn’t really know what to expect, but the trip turned out to be just what we needed – warmer weather, slower life, relaxing beaches, and beautiful scenery.

Flights to Aguadilla from New York are relatively quick (less than 4 hrs) and we found very reasonably priced flights through JetBlue, making Aguadilla a convenient and ideal getaway destination for us.

Here is my quick guide to the beautiful town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Aguadilla Puerto Rico


To do:

1. Crash Boat Beach:

Crash Boat Beach Aguadilla Puerto Rico
View of the beach from our Airbnb

Our friend Linda booked an Airbnb that was a 5 minute drive from a popular beach called Crash Boat Beach. We loved this beach, especially the waves! We had so much fun getting engulfed by the waves – it definitely reminded me of when I would go to wave pools as a kid and 20 years later, they are just as fun. We went back for the second time on our third day. They also have a small pier where you can jump off and you can see school of fish there as well, which was super fun!

2. Survival Beach (Hiking):

On the second day, we ventured out to Survival Beach. We were lured by the few but rave views on TripAdvisor promising us of breathtaking views after the hike, and it did not disappoint! We stopped by to take pictures along the way and we spent about maybe an hour – 1.5 hours admiring what was around us. This was probably my favorite part of the trip – everywhere we looked, we were surrounded by amazing views and it just felt like such a privilege to be there.

Tip: Be sure to wear sneakers as there are hills that you have to go up and down on!  And as Linda informed us, be sure to go in the morning as the tides can come in and will block parts of the walk way.

aguadilla puerto rico survival beach


Aguadilla Puerto Rico Suvival Beach
Walking our way through the hike


Survival Beach Aguadilla Puerto Rico
All four girls at Survival Beach!


Survival Beach Aguadilla Puerto Rico
View at the end of the hike


aguadilla puerto rico survival beach
Another shot of incredible view

3. Surfing in Rincon

After the hike, we went back to the Airbnb to rest up before driving half an hour away to Rincon. Rincon is a well-known quiet surf town so while we were all beginners (some of us more so than others) and quite frankly scared, we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone to take advantage of the location. I mean how can we stay right near a surf town and not go surfing because we’re scared!? I am so proud for our group for pushing ourselves to give this a try.

We had booked a surfing lesson with Ramses. We had originally booked for the morning but it turned out he had another party coming in the morning so he told us to come in the afternoon where we happily obliged. Ramses’ classes were a little less expensive than another class Linda found (we paid $85 per person) and we had booked rather last minute so were just relieved we could come in at all.

Turns out Ramses is a great teacher and surfer but in the afternoon the waves can get quite big, and for a beginner, this was quite a challenge! I appreciated that Ramses stayed behind to help me get out into the ocean far out enough to surf, or else I don’t think I would’ve made it!

Tip: Definitely if you’re new go in the morning – we heard that the waves are much calmer – and bring cash with you to pay for the lessons!

It was definitely a memorable experience and I would recommend everyone to try at least once.

To eat:

1. Mona

2017-03-13 02.29.38 1.jpg

This place seemed like a popular go-to restaurant that served brunch food. Our group was much happier and more awake after getting coffee here.

2. Desecheo

The huge Desecheo sign definitely caught our attention and stuck with us, because when we couldn’t figure out where to eat one night, we were like, “Let’s just go to that Desecheo place!” haha! They serve Puerto Rican cuisine here which I’m glad I got to try, and my favorite was the fish ceviche, which I would describe as a light salad served with pieces of sashimi but Puerto Rican style. So fresh and refreshing. I always crave a little taste of familiarity in a foreign place (go figure).

Also next to Desecheo there is an outdoor food vendor that we really wanted to try but we were way too full! Definitely wish we had more time so we could’ve tried this place as well.

3. Rompeolas

This place was recommended to us by a retired American gentleman we met at the Airbnb. It’s a bar/restaurant situated on the beach, and while we ended up not staying because we tried going after the sun had set and we couldn’t see at night, I’m listing it here because I’m sure eating here while enjoying the beach view would’ve been lovely!

4. Dominos

Yes we got Dominos one night because we got too lazy to cook on our first night. No regrets – it did the job!

To stay:

Aguadilla is a quiet town and while I’m sure there are hotels there, with so many great Airbnbs at a reasonable price, I feel like this is the way to go. Also having a kitchen lets you cook which sometimes makes more sense and we preferred than going out for every single meal.

As I have mentioned earlier, Linda found a great Airbnb next to Crashboat Beach, which luckily was able to accommodate all five of us. The apartment is in a gated complex, which made us feel safe!

My favorite thing about this Airbnb was being able to watch the sun set over the complex’s infinity pool. Panoramic views of the ocean as the sun slowly sets was awe-inspiring to say the least! On our last day on Sunday, the residents there were enjoying a party and even offered us tourists food – I love Puerto Rican people – they are so nice!

2017-03-13 10.37.21 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So there you have it. Have you ever been to Aguadilla? What are some of your favorite places and experiences? Feel free to leave a comment below!


Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I am so excited that you are here! After all this time, I decided to start a blog for a couple of reasons. First off my hope is that this will become a guide – to city living, makeup, favorite eats, […]