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Top 6 Japanese Takeout in Midtown East

I love my Japanese food, and luckily, Midtown East where many businesses are located (including mine) have a great selection of Japanese lunches. Today I share with you my top 6 bento aka Japanese takeout stores in this busy area of New York.  Try pinning this post so you can refer to it later 🙂


  • 6. Matsunoya
    6. Matsunoya
    A relatively new restaurant that opened up last year, Matsunoya has a great takeout section where for (only!) $8 you can get katsu with rice along with other bite-size sides.
    Location: 131 E 45th S (between 3rd & Lex)
  • 5. Sunrise Mart
    5. Sunrise Mart
    A staple grocery store in the area with a bento section as well as hot food like udon noodles in the kitchen. Seating is available upstairs.
    Location: 12 E 41st St, between 5th & Madison
  • 4. Zaiya
    4. Zaiya
    Located just couple of doors down from Sunrise, Zaiya offers similar food as its neighboring Japanese grocer but where Zaiya really shines is in their bakery section. My recs: Chicken Tatsu sandwich, ahn mochi doughnut, matcha & sesame ice cream!
    Location: 18 E 41st St (between 5th & Madison)
  • 3. Katagiri
    3. Katagiri
    Katagiri opened up a new location conveniently located a block from Grand Central and offers enormous rice balls ($3+) and ramen ($12~$14).
    Location: 370 Lexington Ave (Lex & 41st)
  • Location: 211 E 43rd St (on 3rd) "> 2. Kiosk U
    2. Kiosk U
    A “convenience store" located in the lobby of Sakagura, they have a small takeout section from the kitchen, making it the perfect option for people who want to treat themselves on the go.
    Location: 211 E 43rd St (on 3rd)
  • 1. BentOn
    1. BentOn
    A tiny store located next to the T-mobile store, Benton makes the top of the list in terms of value and taste! Definitely try their bentos, but they also have the best prices for chirashi bowl (sashimi on bed of rice), if that is what you are in the mood for!
    Location: 156 E 45th St (on 3rd)




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